Posted by Todd Russell on Jul 14 2015 at 01:43PM PDT

Good day coaches, we are just a few days away from the VOC, welcome and good luck. We want to make sure we are clear on a few items;

  1. - it is your responsibility to be familiar with the BC Minor pitching rules, we do post some info on the web site but please refer to their web site for complete rule listings
  1. - our tournament rules are listed under documents on the web page
  1. - before your first game please collect your coaches package which will be at the venue tent. There will be score sheets for your official score keeper when you are home, there will also pitch count logs – we will collect these logs after each game and keep them with the score sheets. We will not be posting pitch counts (70 plus teams in tournament) but if a coach or team manager wishes to review another teams pitch counts we will provide the information. we will not provide this info to any random parent who is “just wondering”

Please remind yourselves, your team and your parents to be respectful of the tournament volunteers and umpires.

Many of you are here for the first time and many are back for another year – thanks for supporting the VOC and the communities.

Play Ball!


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